Our services are based on a custom computer aided design software for tensegrities. They include:
Structure Derivation
Derivation of tensegrity structures out of polyhedra using two different modes of tendon threading (fully triangulated - "Snelson" mode - or zig-zag - "Tensegritoy" mode): :
  • regular polyehdra (i.e. the Platonic solids)
  • semi-regular polyhedra (i.e. the Archimedean solids)
  • non convex polyhedra (e.g. the Goldberg icosaeder)
  • the Johnson solids
  • etc.
Interactive generation of topologies depending on customer demands
Form Finding
  • Manual form finding and shaping of structures, by interactively modifiying cord and strut lengths
  • Optimization of a tensegrity shape according to structural or dynamical criteria like
    • maximizing the smallest inter-strut distance
    • maximizing inter-strut angles
    • minimzing tendon length variance
    • minimizing tendon tension variance
    considering constraints like fixed node positions, tendon lengths, response to external loads etc.
We provide you with a detailed compilation of
  • strut lengths,
  • tendon lengths (including the unstretched length for elastic cords) for a given strut-tendon joint construction and a given strut diameter,
  • compressional and tensional forces on struts and tendons,
  • drilling templates defining the
    • directional angles of tendons connected to strut ends, around the perimeter of the strut, and
    • the angles between each strut and tendon pair,
  • renderings of the virtual structure,
  • stereographic images (e.g. anaglyphs) and screen cam movies of rotating or shape-changing structure,
  • virtual objects in 3d file formats like gLTF or DXF.

Please contact us also for physical models and general consulting regarding benefits and consraints of tensegrity structures.